The ABCs of Being Mom

The ABCs of Being Mom

Advice and Support from the Mom Next Door, Birth through Kindergarten

Karen Bongiorno


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Moms enter the world of motherhood with no sense of the impact that entry will have upon them. They need orientation and guidance to get through this bewildering maze—and The ABCs of Being Mom, with its abundance of wisdom acquired directly from the trenches of motherhood struggles, is that roadmap.

In this instructive guide, Karen Bongiorno addresses the changes parenthood brings and how to manage them, the importance of being part of a supportive community and taking time for personal care and restoration, the need for equal participation from spouses or partners, and more, with a steady voice of encouragement and understanding that will get moms through even the toughest of times. The wise friend every mom needs to accompany her in her new role, The ABCs of Being Mom offers mothers everything they need to feel confident in managing motherhood so they can rid themselves of useless worry and have more time and energy to enjoy their early years of “Being Mom.”


Karen Bongiorno:
Karen Bongiorno is a mother of two children, a daughter and a son, who have both graduated from college and launched independently. Before motherhood, she had a career in private banking in Los Angeles and on Wall Street in New York. During her child-raising years, she started up and ran a small business and wrote books for moms. She also volunteered in her community, working many hours in local children’s and parents’ organizations and raising funds for local philanthropies and her children’s schools and activities. Her child-raising years were often filled with worry and the overriding question of, “Now what?!” This book is her answer to those concerns. After completing this book, Karen passed away unexpectedly on February 4, 2021. She lived with her husband, George, in Marin County, California, and with their beloved dog, Charlie, until his passing in June 2020.